Effective Tools for Effective People

I am the publisher of Amibook, a personal information manager and address book, and ResTrax, Service Coordinator software for Windows®. My software is designed to make it easier to manage your time, plan your day, and organize your resources so you have more time to live your life and do your work. You can find out more on the Products page of this site.

I firmly believe that personal development, personal growth, and self-actualization are important to most people, with development of our full human potential being one of the cornerstones of our lives. To this end I publish Shards of Consciousness, a blog covering the areas of personal development, human potential, and time management, as well as articles of interest to service coordinators. Some of the articles are practical, some are informative, others are philosophical. Browse around, read what you wish, and take away what is useful to you. You will find many tools to help you make changes in your beliefs, changes in your life, and to create the world where you want to live.

Service Coordinators - You are welcome to use any blog article in newsletters if you think they will be useful to the people you serve. If you do so, I would appreciate it if you let me know.