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The Personal Information Manager You've Been Looking For

Amibook Main ScreenYou get a personal information manager to make your life easier, not harder. So why use a day planner that takes a course in school to learn to use? Most of us want to be able to keep our address book, keep track of the appointments and tasks we have scheduled, and send an email without worrying about spreading a virus. Amibook lets you do all that.

The best part - Amibook is free. There is no cost or obligation on your part.

  • Remember what you have planned for today.
  • Don't miss appointments. Amibook lets you schedule appointments for any day, any week, any year. You can set alarms, so you are reminded if you do forget.
  • Keep the contact information for friends and colleagues at the tip of your fingers.
  • Don't let email viruses use your computer to spread themselves. Amibook isn't vulnerable to them. You can use Amibook's address book to automatically start an email to send to someone at the touch of a button, or to everyone in an address book. You can access the websites in your address book or dial phone calls with a single click.
  • Print envelopes for anyone to everyone in your address book.
  • Have full printing capabilities. You can print out address books for the people you select, so you can put them in your paper planner. You can also print daily, weekly, or monthly calendars of your tasks and appointments. Amibook supports full print preview so you know exactly what you'll be printing, and by using custom page sizes you can print on paper sized to your planner.
  • Are you using another personal organizer now? Amibook will both import and export from delimited text files, which most other programs support. It also imports other Amibook databases and the Windows Address Book.
  • Get updates when you want them. You can access our updates page from within the program at any time to see if there is an update available. If there is, just download it and install it where you currently have Amibook installed. All your settings and data are saved.
  • Protect your privacy. With Amibook, you have the option of encrypting your database, so only those with the password can see the contents of your sensitive personal information.

Download Amibook and give it a test run. Amibook requires Window 2000 or higher to run.


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