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Cockrum Publishing's primary products are ResTrax, software for Service Coordinators, and Amibook, an easy to use personal information manager.

Click to go to the ResTrax pageResTrax is resident tracking software for Service Coordinators. Service Coordinators in low income housing and senior citizen properties have many responsibilities, and need tools to help them fulfill them, tools that save them time and their agencies money. ResTrax can help. ResTrax contains complete tools to keep track of your residents, their services, and all contacts with them, as well as the reports you need for yourself, your agency, and your funding providers, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Click to go to the Amibook pageAmibook is my free personal information manager. You don't want to take a college course to learn to use your personal information manager. With Amibook you don't have to. It's as easy to use as your paper planner. You can manage your address book, task list, and appointment book quickly and easily. You can autodial telephone numbers, start an email, and go to the website for anyone in your address book. You can print address books and envelopes, daily, weekly, and monthly calendars of tasks and appointments for any dates you want, and access the web and email using your built-in web browser and email client. With Amibook, you can get rid of your Windows ® personal address book and never worry about viruses using it to spread themselves again. Did I mention that Amibook is free?

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