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ResTrax Benefits

Using ResTrax helps maintain resident confidentiality.

All of the databases used by ResTrax to maintain resident information are encrypted.

Using ResTrax saves time.

As a Service Coordinator, you have many demands on your time. You have clients to see, providers to contact, meetings to attend, paperwork to do. ResTrax can't attend your meetings or make your telephone calls, but it can save you hours on your paperwork. Enter client data once, enter the details of each meeting, contact, telephone call, or assessment, and it's always available for viewing, printing, and reporting.

Using ResTrax saves money.

There is never enough funding in social services fields. ResTrax can help stretch your funding by improving your productivity. For example. If you are paid $12.00 per hour, and ResTrax only saved you an hour each week on documentation, it will save you $600.00 each year - much more than the cost of the software. This is money that can be used to provide services to your residents, pay for service coordinator training for you, or whatever else you need to perform your tasks as a Service Coordinator. Frankly, ResTrax will save more than that each year, just on the reports that it is able to generate for you, your funding providers, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development,that you have been completing by hand.

Using ResTrax improves services.

Freed from your need to spend a large part of your day on administrative paperwork, you have more time to attend to your clients and to improve your skills as a Service Coordinator. With improved job performance, you are better able to serve your clients and other tenants.