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ResTrax Features

ResTrax has many features to make your life as a Service Coordinator easier.

  • ResTrax uses encryption for all resident information. Your residents' information is kept secure and confidential. If you don't enter a password for a database, ResTrax will use it's internal password.
  • ResTrax is easy to use. All of it's basic functions can be reached from a task bar located to the left of the main screen.
  • ResTrax maintains the basic background information on each resident, including identification and emergency contact information
  • ResTrax maintains a list of services for which you have referred each resident. This can be printed out in the form of a service plan.
  • ResTrax maintains a contact log for each resident. This can be printed out in chronological order.
  • ResTrax maintains assessments on each resident. You can enter an unlimited number of assessments and reassessments. Whenever a new assessment is started for a resident, ResTrax will use the information from the most recent previous assessment to prefill its fields, so when you do a reassessment you only have to enter information that has changed. Any assessments you have entered into the database, you can print out.
  • ResTrax maintains an administrative log to track your time and type of activity. You can print out this log for any span of dates you desire. In addition, if a resident is identified as part of the entry, the entry will automatically be added to the resident's contact log so you never have to enter information twice.
  • ResTrax maintains all the information it needs to work, including property information, services, providers, service frequencies, Service Coordinators, and Service Coordination activity types. It comes with lists of services frequencies, activity types (including those required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development), and services. To get started using the software, all you need to do is enter a Service Coordinator, property information, and resident information. These tables can each be printed out.
  • ResTrax is able to complete the major reports you need as a Service Coordinator. These include summaries of the administrative log for any date span you require, summaries of homemaking and personal care services for which you have referred your residents, and the semiannual report required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development if you receive funding from them.
  • ResTrax comes with a variety of forms in Microsoft Office (doc) format. If you have a program that is associated with this format, ResTrax will print them out for you. If you have other, agency-specific forms, you can add them to ResTrax' forms menu and print them from without leaving ResTrax.
  • ResTrax maintains a log of resident education and wellness programs, including date, length, number of people attending, and other information. You can print out this log for any range of dates.
  • ResTrax maintains information on classes and seminars attended for the service coordinator's professional development. This includes the date, class name, cost, length, CEU status, and other information. You can print out this log for any range of dates.
  • Many Service Coordinators like to have a listing of the birthdays for the coming months for their tenants. ResTrax will generate this listing for all of your tenants or just your clients for any month you specify.
  • No piece of software will do everything you want it to do. For this reason ResTrax allows you to export your database to comma delimited text files. These can be opened by other software such as spreadsheets for manipulation in ways that are specific to your agency.