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ResTrax Free Trial Download

Click on the house to download the trial version of ResTrax

Download the free trial of ResTrax
Download ResTrax - rttrial.exe

Installing ResTrax

To install ResTrax after downloading:

  1. Run rttrial.exe from your download folder as an Administrator
  2. Follow the installation instructions on the screen.
  3. We recommend that you keep a backup copy of the original downloaded file in case you need to re-install the software someday.

After You Install

I have included as much information as I can in ResTrax' Activity Type. Service Frequency, and Service Type tables to make it easier for you to begin using ResTrax for your daily work. However, some information is specific to each agency and so cannot be pre-installed. This includes property information, service coordinator information, provider information, and resident information.

As a result, before you can use ResTrax you must enter at least one property, one service coordinator, and one resident. Before you can enter a service for a resident, you must enter at least one provider for that service. These screens are accessed through the Lookup Tables menu item. Please read the Quick Start document for complete details.

About the Trial Version

ResTrax requires Windows 2000 or higher to run.

The trial version of ResTrax is fully functional so you can evaluate all the features of the software. Since you try the software before buying, there is no risk to you.

After 60 days of evaluation, you are obligated to purchase ResTrax or stop using it. See the Order page for information.

Purchase of ResTrax gives you three great benefits:

  • You can create more than one database, locating them anywhere on your system.
  • You can encrypt your data with the password of your choice. Your sensitive data will be safe from all prying eyes.
  • You receive one year of free email support, free updates, and free bug fixes.

ResTrax includes a full Uninstall utility so that you can remove the software easily if it doesn't meet your needs.